CBG's Weekly Smash (3DS) #21

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Welcome to CBG's 21st 3DS Weekly! (Now starring Mee6, as The Bot)

2 Stock 
6 Minutes
Customs OFF
Miis allowed (all sizes & any specials)
Items OFF
All matches are Best of 3 except for Winner's Finals, Loser's Finals, and Grand Finals, which are Best of 5.

In the case of a timeout, the player with the most stocks and lowest percent wins the game.

If players are completely tied, they will play a 1-stock match with a 3:00 minute timer.

Double Elimination
Stage List:
Battlefield, Final Destination, and Yoshi's Island (Brawl)
Counterpicks (Includes Starters)
Duck Hunt, Dream Land 64, Peach's Castle 64, Arena Ferox, Prism Tower, Corneria, Clock Tower, and Omega stages.
Players can agree to other stages if they want.
You cannot choose a stage you already won on during the set unless agreed to.
Choosing a Starter, 1 player bans a stage, then the other player bans one of the other 2 stages, the first game will be played on the remaining stage.
Choosing a Counterpick, the winner of the previous game bans 2 stages from the stage list, then the loser of the previous game selects a stage to play on.
In the Event of Lag or Disconnect, The match is to be replayed with a different host,if the game still fails too work properly the match will be settled by http://www.speedtest.net/ 

If FD is banned, so are ALL Omega stages.

We will be communicating through Discord:


CBG's Weekly Wall of GOATS

Wii U Champ: BIG_137 ~ (http://coolbeansgaming.challonge.com/CBGWeekliesWiiU2)
Flash Champ: sampwns ~ (http://coolbeansgaming.challonge.com/CBGFlash1)

3DS Champ: CannonRed ~ (http://coolbeansgaming.challonge.com/CBGWeeklies3ds20)

Melee Champ: *Delayed 'till next Thursday* sign up, before its too late! ~ (http://coolbeansgaming.challonge.com/CBGMeleeHH1)


優勝: turok624
準優勝: Muskrat Catcher
3位: ThePilot


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